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Tom Stanley, M.D.




Tel: 815.398.9491



1550 N. Randall Road

Elgin, IL 60124


Tom Stanley, MD is a board certified orthopedic surgeon.


Dr. Stanley completed a degree in biomedical engineering from Tulane University in 2000. He graduated with honors and decided to pursue a career in medicine, using his engineering background to advance medical technology. He decided to stay at Tulane for his medical education after receiving a merit scholarship. During medical school he completed multiple research projects in orthopedics, including research on spinal instrumentation. Simultaneously he pursued an MPH with a focus on health systems management and received both his MD and MPH in just 4 years. He received the Caldwell Society Award for excellence in orthopedics. In residency and in fellowship, Dr. Stanley continued to use his combined medical and engineering background to complete multiple research projects. He has written multiple book chapters on orthopedic and spinal conditions. He received research awards in both residency and fellowship for best research. Dr. Stanley is trained in degenerative conditions of both the cervical and lumbar spine, as well as spinal deformity. He has performed countless numbers of minimally invasive spine procedures as well as motion preservation surgery. His most recent publication was a book chapter on lumbar total disc replacement. Despite this, his major focus is on the benefits of non-operative treatment of spinal conditions. He continues to be involved in spine research, advancing medical care.



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